General Stonewall Jackson's Wife



Living History Portrayed by Lori Roberts

Lori Roberts is an author, educator, historian and presenter for historical events and workshops. Lori as a living historian, often portrays Mrs. Mary Anna Morrison Jackson, wife of General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.  She has spoken at Civil War events in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Virginia. Lori has been an educator for more than twenty years, currently teaching United States History at the Middle School level.

Lori has been presenting Anna Jackson to the public since 2009.  Some of the groups that have spent "An Afternoon With Anna" include : The Living History Fellowship workshop, Princeton Civil War Days, Princeton, IN; Civil War  Living History, Owensboro, KY; Lawrence County Living History Festival, Bedford, IN.;  Living History Fellowship Grant Workshop, Huntingburg, IN; Journey Through Hallowed Ground Conference, George Mason University, Manassas, VA.

Mary Anna Morrison Jackson
July 21, 1831 - March 24, 1915

Mary Anna Morrison Jackson was  born in North Carolina on July 21, 1831.  The daughter of Presbyterian minister, Rev. Dr. Robert Hall Morrison, founder of Davidson College , and Mary Graham Morrison, daughter of Revolutionary War veteran and planter, became the wife of the South's most beloved general, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

Anna, as called  by all who knew her, would be brought up very differently than her famous husband.  Anna's parents had a large family , 10 children who survived to adulthood.  It was during Anna's early years that the presentation focuses - from her birth and early childhood, to her visit to the White House during one of her special trips arranged by her Mother.  The summer that would change her life, when she would be introduced to a professor at the Virgina Military Institute, will also be discussed during the presentation.


 Bring History to Life with "An Afternoon With Anna" 

"An Afternoon With Anna" is a program that brings the audience into the world of Anna Morrison and her family.  Living on a plantation near Charlotte, North Carolina, life was very carefree for young Anna Morrison.  Her parents were able to give their 10 children much affection and a good education.  Anna will bring the audience through her early life and into the years prior to the war, a time that would introduce her to her future husband and take her away from her close-knit family .  Life during the 1800's was not an easy one for women or children.  Anna will discuss the loss of her sister and her daughter, both within weeks of one another.

The audience will also learn of Anna and Thomas' love of God, and how their faith and beliefs will be their constant strength during the time of the Civil War and after. Anna will also speak of mourning customs , an all too familiar sight during the War.


Published Works Available by Author Lori Roberts


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